Welcome to Oahu

Hanging around on Oahu

Paradise is calling! With more than 112 miles of stunning beaches, near-perfect weather, and friendly locals, there’s a reason Oahu regularly tops honeymoon wish-lists. The most urban of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is home to great nightlife, restaurants, and shopping as well as world-famous Waikiki Beach. It’s the ideal place for honeymooners looking for a combo of high-energy activities and good-old fashioned R&R.

What’s on your Oahu agenda? Stroll hand-in-hand along the legendary Waimea Bay, take in the stunning views of famous Diamond Head volcano from the lookout at the top Mount Tantalus, or surprise your sweetie with a private hula lesson for some passionate hip-swiveling action. When you’ve worked up an appetite, try Hawaiian specialities like poke, mahi mahi tacos, and garlic shrimp. For more ideas, check out our hand-picked list of Oahu experiences below.

No matter what you crave, you’ll find it here, so throw on a lei, toast your new life together, and get ready to discover why Oahu is known as the “Heart of Hawaii.”

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                Travel Tips for Your Oahu Honeymoon

                • For the most romantic sunset, head to Shark’s Cove along the North Shore.
                • High season runs from December to April. Avoid the crowds and visit between the months of May and June, or September and November.
                • Indulge in a lomi lomi couple’s massage. Hawaiian for “to rub or soothe,” these sensual, full-body massages are an island specialty.
                • Don’t forget to pack plenty of bathing suits, flip flops, polarized sunglasses, and activewear for adventures like zip-lining and horseback riding.
                • Stand on the cliffs of Hanauma and take in the views of the horseshoe-shaped bay from the top of this 10,000 year old volcano.
                • Rent a tandem kayak, and explore the lush landscape of the Mokulua Islands off the coast of Kailua Beach.